Places of Worship

Cavalier Carpets have experience in helping our clients find the perfect bespoke balance between comfort, functionality and sensitivity in places of worship.
Mosque Carpet
Typically, mosques are adorned with intricately designed carpets that feature geometric patterns, floral motifs, and calligraphy inspired by Islamic art and culture.
Carpeting a mosque involves choosing intricate designs that symbolise unity during prayer and are compatible with sharia law. Designs for mosques (masjids) and prayer halls (Jamatkhana) are generally characterised by a niche at one end, representing the mihrab in every mosque as a directional point (Qibla) that worshippers face when praying. Our design team consider these practical elements of prayer. 
Church Carpet
Carpeting a crematorium involves a delicate balance between functionality and sensitivity. 
Thoughtful selection of subdued colours and durable, fire-resistant materials contributes to a serene environment for mourning and remembrance, providing comfort to grieving families while maintaining practicality in the solemn setting.
Hindu Temple Carpet
Carpeting a Hindu temple involves selecting vibrant, intricately designed carpets that symbolise reverence. The colours and patterns enhance the sacred atmosphere, creating a spiritually resonant space for devotees during prayers and rituals. 
Our design team take into consideration the position of the shrines and the geometrical designs.

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