Why Synthetic Fibre

Carpet that is tough enough to deal with everyday life! What is so special about synthetic fibres?
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State of the Art

Synthetic fibres made for the manufacture of carpet have come a long way, what was once perceived as a mere budget fibre has now become a state of the art material with its own desirable qualities.


The use of 100% solution dyed, two ply synthetic yarns throughout our ‘Stain-less’ ranges ensure that they are equipped to stand up to the rigours of everyday life yet retain a soft and luxurious feel.

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One of the key benefits in our bleach cleanable polypropylene and polyester collections is the inherent resistance to normal household stain hazards.


The introduction of a 10 year stain and wear guarantees on all Cavalier synthetic products means that you can buy them with confidence.

Free 10 Year Stain & Wear Warranty

Cavalier products with a Stain Warranty will resist stains by food and beverages for a period of 10(ten) years, these include:
Tea, Coffee, Cola, Red Wine, Curry, Gravy, Pasta Sauce.

This warranty provides you with all the reassurance you need that you have purchased carpet that will handle just about everything life can throw at it.

We offer this warranty with the confidence that the carpet will wear less than 10% over the first 10 years of its lifetime.

Renew Floor

Accidents will happen, but at least now you can be confident that your choice of carpet means that it need not be a disaster. We guarantee to replace, free of charge, any carpet protected by this guarantee which has a food or drink stain that cannot be removed by our approved professional cleaning company.