Hex Hotel Hospitality

african-plains- hex hote

The Hex hotel at Yorkshire Wildlife Park is a unique new hotel nestled within the expansive grounds of the Wildlife park itself, creating an immersive hospitality experience and blending modern luxury with a deep connection to nature.

Working closely with  Gill Stewart of Well Architecture & Design in London our creative team were asked to produce a selection of bold statement design concepts that incorporated earthy tones and organic lines which would harmoniously link the hotel interior to the picturesque outdoors. 


Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Our team created a selection of design features that were required to run in waves along the corridors and open out into the lift lobbies and stairwells. 

The bespoke design was produced in  100% nylon printed carpet. This quality was chosen to provide excellent wear resistance ensuring a long lifespan even in high traffic areas. 


  • Project Specifications
  • 100% nylon printed carpet
  • Excellent wear resistance
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