Daniel Adamson Marine


The Daniel Adamson, known as the ‘Danny,’ a steam-powered tug built in 1903, initially towed barges along the Manchester Ship Canal. 

Now a significant part of maritime history, it was nearly lost until the Daniel Adamson Preservation Society intervened. Their mission: to restore and preserve it for educational and leisure use. In 2015, lottery funding was granted to return the tug to its former glory.


The Daniel Adamson Preservation Society collaborated with Cavalier's design team to create a bespoke carpet honoring the boat's history while meeting modern marine safety standards.

Inspired by old photos of the vessel's Art Deco interior, the color palette was derived from salvaged fabrics, with some yarn colors dyed to match the originals for authenticity.

Daniel Adamson

Over 200m² of bespoke 80/20 woven Axminster carpet, featuring the marine Wheelmark for safety compliance, was supplied. The Daniel Adamson now stands as a testament to successful collaboration between heritage preservation and modern design. 

This project exemplifies the transformative power of bespoke design for restoration, reviving forgotten gems from the past with careful consideration of materials, aesthetics, and functionality.

  • Project Specifications
  • 80/20 Woven Axminster
  • 9 Row Carpets
  • Marine interior
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