Ambassador cruises Marine


Ambassador Cruise Lines, the UK's premium value no-fly cruise operator, recognized the necessity of refurbishing cabins across its fleet to enhance the overall guest experience by modernizing interiors.

Atlantic Marine Interiors managed the interior refurbishment, aiming to create contemporary designs that withstand the marine environment's challenges and adhere to safety standards for marine use.


Atlantic Marine Interiors identified Cavaliers stock tufted graphics ranges as the ideal solution to address both the  aesthetic And functional requirements of the interior scheme. 

All Cavaliers stock graphics ranges  have been awarded the Wheelmark  meaning they  comply with strict marine safety standards. 


Our marine I.M.O. certified shadow textures range which has its design origins in the patterns the waves make on the sand as the tide recedes, was the perfect choice to complement the refit onboard The Ambiance, while onboard the Ambassador cavaliers  Steps range was chosen to align with the modern interior scheme 

Our stock graphics 80/20 wool/nylon heavy contract carpets were installed throughout the cabins on board both ships ahead of the 2023 season. 

  • Project Specifications
  • I.M.O. certified shadow textures range
  • 80/20 wool/nylon heavy contract carpets
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