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Celtic Manor, a case history

Its been 16 years now since Celtic Manor Resort in Newport South Wales opened for business as Wales first five star hotel.  Incorporating magnificent views of the beautiful Usk Valley it has gone on to become the home of not only the Ryder Cup in 2010 but also a members meeting of the Nato Summit in 2014.  For 4 of the last 5 years the hotel was voted as the UKs Best Hotel.

Since helping with the launch of the  hotel Cavalier Carpets are delighted to still be a major supplier  in the development and refurbishment of the hotels facilities across its 5 locations situated in the grounds.  The 2010 Clubhouse which was used by both Europe and the United States teams and named after the Ryder Cup of the same year has restaurant and lounge facilities  all of which have used Cavalier’s 9 row custom axminster.  The carpet in the reception has the 2010 logo incorporated into the design and always leads to a talking point when visitors  see it for the first time.  This is also the location for the Hunter Lodges opened in 2014.  The 15 lodges all have Cavalier tufted graphics in all areas with each lodge having 200m2 of carpet.

The Lodge Clubhouse is used as meeting place for all those using the golf facilities on the main members course and incorporates the Members Shop where Cavalier’s Comet tufted graphics has been used.  There are also lounge and restaurant areas offering fabulous views of the course.  

The Augusta Suite is situated on the first floor and has over a 1,000m2 of Cavaliers 9 row custom axminster in a design put together by Cavaliers design team in Blackburn.

The 19th century  Manor House was the existing building used before the resort hotel was built.  Incorporating 70 guestrooms, bar and restaurant facilities it links to the main hotel reception by a series of escalators and corridors.  In 2013 Cavalier totally refurbished all the guestrooms using a 40 oz tufted graphics in a design chosen by the hotels team.  There is 2,000m2  of carpet in the guestrooms and a further 700m2 of Cavaliers ‘Comet’ range in the guestroom corridors.   The Resort Hotel is the main hub for conferences and meetings and incorporates many different areas where guests can relax and enjoy the hotels facilities.

For those wanting a relaxing swim or spa there are luxurious delights to be found in the leisure area.  Here you will find in excess of  400m2 of Cavaliers ‘Spacestyle’ carpet using Dark Matter which looks stunning when used alongside ceramic tiles.

Caernarfon Suite was home to the 2014 Nato summit when the most powerful people in the world were able to use this massive conference area for the main meetings.  Playing a significant part were Cavalier Carpets who used the gothic ceiling pattern as a template for the carpet design.  The custom axminster design has over 2,000m2 of  axminster giving world leaders a taste of luxury.

The 334 guestrooms in the resort are currently being refurbished floor by floor. Cavalier have been chosen to help design individual schemes for each floor using custom axminster designs.  The 9 row axminster gives a feeling of luxury underfoot.

The 6th floor is home to the hotels signature guestrooms where each room is not only large and spacious but also has little extras making it a favourite place for guests to book into.  By the end of the year it is expected that all the hotels guestrooms will have been refurbished with around 10,000m2 of carpet being supplied.

The Olive Tree restaurant a favourite for families has more than 1,500m2 of Cavalier’s 10 row axminster in a design sympathetic to its countryside location.
In March 2016 the nearby Hilton Hotel was purchased by Celtic Manor and added another 260 rooms to the existing number, renamed the Coldra Hotel by Celtic Manor there are immediate plans to bring the hotel up to standard for guests. Cavalier have been chosen for this refurbishment & their brand new ‘Classic Herringbone’ has been chosen for the guestrooms. Using this stock product the hotel feels this carpet  will help bring life to the rooms and help with the development plans for the hotel. There are also plans to use another new Cavalier stock product, ‘Classic Pinstripe’ in the guestroom corridors where a modern look is needed to lift the existing dated carpet.